Glitter Magazine included Wendy Darling in their 10 Year Anniversary for Twilight feature:

Teen Reads featured Wendy Darling in their “Seven New Love Triangles” for the Twilight anniversary celebration: 

Popsugar included Wendy Darling in their “10 New Book Series That Recapture That Twilight Magic.”!  

Popsugar also featured a piece about how Twilight inspired Colleen Oakes as a writer. 

MTV News:

Forever Young Adult posted a good review about Wendy Darling!  

“Colleen Oakes delights in painting a picture, which means this book is packed with dizzying descriptions of, well, just about everything.”

Poets & Writers featured our launch event:

BookSparks created a fantastic infographic/blog post to celebrate the Twilight Anniversary.


November 5th – Wendy Darling Book Signing and Q&A at The Bookworm, Omaha

November 4th – Wendy Darling Book Signing and Q&A at Keene Library, Fremont NE

October 20th – Wendy Darling Book Signing and Q&A at Old Firehouse Books, Ft. Collins

October 17th – Wendy Darling Book Signing and Q&A at Tattered Cover, Denver.

October 13th – Wendy Darling Book Launch Date.

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