As an internationally bestselling author of the YA Queen of Hearts Series (Harper Collins) and Wendy Darling Saga (Sparkpress) , and a passionate advocate of YA literature, I love visiting middle, high school and colleges to talk with students about books, literature, writing and publishing.
I run a variety of presentations and creative writing workshops tailored for young and beginner writers.

I have visited many schools both here in Colorado and in Texas and have met with thousands of students, librarians and teachers in Denver, Dallas, Austin and Houston – places where kids are very excited about reading YA. The presentations are humorous, informative and bursting with both energy and an excitement about both reading and writing.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-32-49-amIf you would like to arrange a visit, please contact me via the form below.

Teacher Comments:
Our students loved visiting with Colleen Oakes! Her presentation was engaging, funny, honest and encouraging to our students. The writing workshop was great to connect with those students who considering writing as a career. I know they found it really encouraging.” – Elizabeth Wagner, Student Life Director at Concordia Bronxville

Types of School Visits and Writing Workshops

I can work with teachers and librarians to tailor presentations and discussions to specific topics, age ranges, and group sizes, depending on your needs. ALL visits and workshops include a book signing if the school so desires it. To provide a starting point, here are some sample visits I offer:

The Big Presentation – Done in an auditorium setting, the big presentation is best suited to a large audience of 50 or more students. In this presentation I talk a little bit about everything: my writing journey, publishing, YA, fantasy and fiction writing, Queen of Hearts and Wendy Darling, the importance of imagination – all of this! I have a power-point presentation that helps the speech with guided imagery and wrap up with a Q&A.

The Writing Life – Tailored for a smaller ground of under 50, in this presentation I will really focus on my writing journey, starting in childhood and focusing in especially on the age group I am presenting too. From there, I will talk about how I went from a wedding florist (!) to a published author in just seven short years, from magical idea to publication. In this talk, I encourage the hard work of writing, the importance of imagination and perseverance. In this presentation, Q&A and dialog with the students are a big part of the experience.

Writing Workshops – Done with one classroom or two, or a relatively small group of under 40, writing workshops are tailored to the needs of the group. Based on what the teacher or the group needs, I can focus in on a couple of smaller subjects or just do a general overall writing discussion. These subjects include: fantasy writing, twisted fairytales, romance and love in YA, using real-life experiences to write fiction, world-building, character building or plotting, or any combo of these. I will lead a discussion, interact with students, lead practice exercises and provide immediate feedback on participant’s questions and ideas. These workshops are fantastic for creative writing classes, AP English classes or and writing clubs.

Let’s Talk Books – For a classroom or smaller group of students that has read either Queen of Hearts or Wendy Darling ahead of time. I will talk at about the experience of writing of the book, what inspired it, touch on narrative themes and issues, and lead a book club style discussion in which participants will be encouraged to ask questions and share their experience reading the book with the author. I also love talking YA books in general, so that is an option as well.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-32-38-amAuthor Honorarium Fees in the Denver Area

(All visits include a book signing if requested) (Travel time is taken into consideration if far outside the Denver area):

Presentation Only: 1.5 hours, the Big Presentation or The Writing Life, Q&A, + a Signing. $200.00

Writing Workshop Only: 1.5 hours, a writing workshop, Q&A and a book signing. $200.00

Half Day (the norm): Three Hours: Usually includes either a big presentation/the writing life, Q&A, and one Writing Workshop OR two writing workshops OR a presentation and a Let’s Talk Books. $350.00

Full Day: Five Hours: This includes 2-3 Writing Workshops plus a Big Presentation or The Writer’s Life and/or a Let’s Talk Books. $500.00

Out Of Town Visits: I am happy to fly in for school visits! The fee is $600.00 per day + travel and lodging.

Virtual Visits

I love visiting classrooms that have read my books, even in states other than Colorado! I offer free 20 minute Q&A sessions to classrooms who have read my book using Skype.

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